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Russell Thomas has proven to be an effective first term councillor in Ward 1 of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  Elected in 2010, he has been consistent, communicative and committed to his role on council and to the citizens of this region.  As a Big Spirit ambassador of Wood Buffalo, he was often called upon to engage with national and international visitors to share our stories of innovation, sustainability, generosity and opportunity.  As an informed policy maker, he listened with attention and intention, and did the hard work behind the scenes required to make thoughtful decisions that were in the best interests of the region.

Russell is committed to:

  • Celebrating and supporting the role that SOCIAL PROFITS play in building strong communities and advocating for the development of a shared spaces framework, shifting us from reactive to proactive as it relates to providing appropriate space for these critical organizations

  • Creating a PUBLIC ART PROGRAM that will not only create dynamic public places and spaces, but begin to change the narrative about the cultural richness of our region

  • Moving forward with CITY CENTRE DEVELOPMENT including an iconic and essential pedestrian/emergency access bridge to MacDonald Island and a sports and entertainment centre that will provide amazing experiences for our citizens in all seasons

  • Carrying forward the vision of the WATERFRONT PROGRAM, including a riverfront park that will give unparalleled access to the water and amazing experiences for our citizens

  • Continuing to work with both the federal and provincial governments to pave the way for the long-awaited AGING IN PLACE FACILITY at Willow Square, the location of choice for our seniors

  • Building authentic and EFFECTIVE BRIDGES to the provincial government as we tackle tough issues like transportation, health, education and access to land for development

  • Celebrating the INCREDIBLE DIVERSITY of our region, people have lived here for generations and those who have come here from around the world

  • Sustaining the TEAM MODEL of regional council that proved so effective in the previous term

We are about to head into the most dramatic four years of infrastructure and facilities development in the history of Wood Buffalo.  With your help we've charted the path.  I'm eager to be a part of the team that ensures we stay the course as we go from vision to reality.

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Photo by Nik West |  www.nikwest.com
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