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Over 2000 paintings and counting, Russell continues to evolve his style with subjects ranging from famous face and animals to local heroes

Whether large meeting or small focus groups, Russell helps get results

From social media to freelance writing, Russell has over 20 years of experience as a professional communicator
Portrait Artist
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RUSSELL THOMAS is a full-time artist now based at Birdsong Studios in High River, Alberta, Canada. He spent several decades in marketing, communication and administration leadership roles with a number of organizations. His artistic awakening happened in 2014 at the age of 47. By the age of 50, he became a full-time working artist.  As part of his creative pursuits, he began to discover that his developing skills and growing audience gave him a great platform for philanthropy. He has performed live paintings at numerous major events throughout Alberta, which along with high profile donated paintings, have helped raise funds for multiple charities and causes. Russell is a board director for a charity called Bracelets 4 Buildings, which builds safe and sustainable housing for the poorest of the poor in rural Cambodia and Thailand. He is also President of the Okotoks Arts Council.

Email: russell@birdsongstudios.ca
Phone: 780-881-3752
If you are interested in custom ordering a gallery canvas print of an existing work or if you want to commission a new one, send an email to russell@birdsongstudios.ca or text 403-910-0843.